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8hrs | For ages 7 - 12 | $100

A beginner friendly introduction to coding, this workshop takes place entirely in Minecraft: Education Edition. Learn with block-based JavaScript for beginners or text-based Python programming for more advanced students.

This workshop will take place entirely online.




1.5hrs | For ages 3 - 7 | $40

Nobody's too young or too old to learn how to code! In this beginner coding workshop for children and parents alike, hone your creativity and analytical thinking skills with the Matatalab Coding Set as you play through maze puzzles.





4hrs | For ages 10 - 16 | $150

Want to learn how to program? Want to learn how to fly a drone? Why not both? This June holidays, choose between Swift or Python programming in this exciting drone flying workshop. Parent-child classes also available.

Hear from our customers

Micro:Bit Block-Based Coding.png

At first, I thought that the programming is very difficult for my children to pick up. However, after attending the Microbit training class with my kid, I realized that block programming is quite easy and does not require any prior knowledge about coding. He is really having fun during the class especially when he created the spin art project through coding of microbit.


I am excited about how a makey makey can do so much. During the class, I have made a piano using the play doh and makey makey using simple SCRATCH Programming.

Ozobot Sumo Challenge.jpg

The ozobot workshop helps to create a bonding session between me and my child. We draw the colour code on the A4 paper and Ozobot’s sensors are able to  detect the colours (red, green, blue, black) and react accordingly. Besides this, my kid learn about the basic programming of ozobot using Ozoblocky.


Thank you for the patience with my hyper children. The trainer is kind and friendly throughout the class. During the reflection, i am touched and impressed with my kid to present me his learning and work done. Keep up the good work. 

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