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  • Age: 5 and above

  • 4 lessons, 2 hours per lesson

  • No prior experience required

  • Using Lego Wedo 2.0 sets

  • All materials and equipment provided (Including tablets)

  • Maximum 1:5 Instructor-Student ratio

  • 8 hours duration



Students at this stage will be introduced to the Lego Wedo, a fun and intuitive way to appreciate and learn the basics of robotics and programming. Every session, students will be issued with detailed instructions for building the robot, a programming guide and mini to guide them. Upon completion of this level, a challenge will be given to the students to assess their level of understanding. 


This course will help younger students to build up their confidence and  equip them with the knowledge and skill required for the next level.


  • Introduction to Robotics and  Wedo 2.0

    • Movement: Clockwise and Anticlockwise

    • Connecting Wedo

  • Introduction to Sensor: Motion

    • Light Control

  • Introduction to Sensor: Gesture

    • Speed control

  • Introduction to Random Generator

    • Construction of earthquake machine

    • Random speed control

  • Design a Robot: Space Exploration

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