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Lego Mindstorm Robot Crane

Level 2: Robotics Junior

This course is an expansion of the previous course in Fundamentals. It will introduce more complex sensors to students and cover concepts that will help to strengthen their core skills in programming.


The main focus of the course is to train students in the Modular programming methodology. It involves imparting the skill of breaking down a complex problem into simpler parts and how to solve the smaller problems separately through recognising patterns from previous problems. Finally, they will see how their partial solutions come together to form the big picture. Not only useful in programming, it is an essential 21st century skill applicable in many other areas as they progress in life. 


Students will also get to explore and code with remote controllers and with two types of sensors -- the Gyro and ambient Light sensors. 

Age: 7 and above

5 lessons, 2 hours per lesson

No prior experience required

Using Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor 51515 sets

Learning outcomes:

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