Our Enrichment Classes

At STEM Academy, we offer a variety of science, technology and coding related workshops throughout the year for students of all ages. This page will be constantly updated with our latest and upcoming workshops, keep checking back if you'd like to stay up to date with us!

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June Holidays 2021:

Minecraft CraftThinkers

This June, learn about coding through the world of Minecraft! Kids will use block-based code to solve challenges and test their problem-solving skills. For ages 7 - 12, both Basic and Python advanced classes are available.

Learning Objectives:

- Algorithmic thinking.

- Coding with Events and Loops

- Nested Loops with Operators and Conditionals.

- Debugging problems.

- Collaborative building.

June Holidays 2021:

Matatalab BlockThinkers

In this parent and child workshop, learn about the fundamentals of code and computational thinking together. Recommended for kindergarten students, this short class will equip them with foundational programming and algorithmic skills. 

Learning Objectives:

- Directional movement 

- Sequencing actions.

- Coding with loops.

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June Holidays 2021

Drone SkyThinkers

Both kids and teens can enjoy flying with drones over the June holidays with this workshop! Divided into three levels of difficulty, learn to code with either Swift or Python and collaborate with one another for synchronised flights.

Learning Objectives:

- Fundamentals of flight.

- Drone safety and laws in Singapore.

- Coding using coordinates, arrays and functions.

- Programming simple flight patterns.

- Flying around obstacles.


Drone Programming

From a toy to a professional tool, drones are becoming increasingly prevalent in the fields of aerial photography and surveying. Learn the basics of programming drone flight with the consumer drone DJI Tello and Python programming. 

Learning Objectives:

- Fundamentals of flight.

- Drone safety and laws in Singapore.

- Programming with Python.

- Manoeuvring a drone around obstacles.

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