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DJI Tello Edu Programmable Drone

Basic Drone Piloting with Swift Programming

See your code take flight as you program and control stunts with drones. Using the Swift Playgrounds software, students will learn to take off and land the drone, create pre-programmed flight plans and perform midair flips. Students will also learn about how a drone functions and drone safety laws in Singapore. 


120 Cantonment Road, Maritime House, s089760

Duration: 4 hours / 10 hours

Schedule: Dates Pending

Course Fee: SG$300


Students will learn about the principles of aerodynamics and how a drone achieves lift to fly.


Students will learn about the fundamentals of coding through hands-on activities.


Using the Swift programming language, students will code simple flight patterns using events and loops.


At the end of the workshop, students will show off their skill at piloting the drone.

Learning Outcomes:

In this workshop, students will gain basic programming knowledge and learn about coding syntax through hands-on application of text-based programming.


Students will learn how to define variables, create functions and sequence loops to pilot a drone, accompanied by hands-on activities, piloting challenges and opportunities to modify their code to create new flight patterns.

Drone Apple Swift Screenshot.png
Swift Playgrounds basic coding.png

Learning with Swift Playgrounds: 

Students will learn and code using the Swift Playgrounds app, which can be downloaded through macOS or iOS devices. Its autocomplete feature and simple interface make it an ideal first language for beginners to programming.

This introductory workshop does not require students to have prior knowledge of programming.

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