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MakeX: Project AI (Competition)

This course introduces children to coding, artificial intelligence, and the fundamental of coding principles with mBlock (similar to Scratch). At the completion of the course, your child will be ready to participate in MakeX competition.

Synchronous Course | For Kids Ages 8+

Age : 8++

Level : Basic 

Duration: 8 hours (4 sessions, 2hr/session)

Software: mBlock 5

Training Method: Synchronous

Fee: $300 (includes loan of microcontroller Kit, and MakeX registration Fee) 

Date: 20th to 23th July (Mon to Thurs)

Time: 10am to 12pm

* Basic programming experience is needed.

* Complimentary 10hrs of video learning materials to practice after the session on the LMS (Learning Management System)


Lesson Topic

  • Lesson 1: MakeX Briefing + Introduction to Microcontroller

  • Lesson 2: MakeX Project Ideation + Artificial Intelligence

  • Lesson 3: MakeX Project Prototype + Testing

  • Lesson 4: Project Recording and presentation

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