Minecraft Competition (1).png


  • Lower Primary: P1 to P3

  • Upper Primary: P4 to P6

  • Secondary:1 to 4

  • Separate competitions and scoring will be held for the three categories.

  • The above categories are OPEN to the PUBLIC as well.

  • Participants may compete individually or in groups of 2, maximum.


  • Cash Vouchers

  • Digital Certificates


  • Each group member must have a MINECRAFT Education account (Maximum 2 per team)



  • SGD50 per team 

  • (Inclusive of MINECRAFT Education account for each member (Maximum 2 per team)


  • Online


  • 7th July: Release of competition guidelines

  • 30th September: Closure of registration date

  • 31st October: End of video submission

  • 15th November: Announcement of Winners



Minecraft Competition Rules

v1.1 pdf


Hawker Culture in Singapore is an integral way of life for Singaporeans, where people from all walks of life gather together. A social leveller, hawker centres are important spaces enabling all social classes to dine and bond over their favourite shared hawker food, prepared by our heartland hawkers.


Over the years, this unique combination of food, space and community has evolved into a microcosm and important culture of Singapore’s multicultural society, with stalls selling Chinese, Malay, Indian and many other diverse and mixed cuisines.

theme: hawker challenge

However COVID-19 restrictions have severely impeded their businesses, with several hawkers closing shops and thus, their only sources of livelihood. Therefore, we call upon young helpers to aid our struggling local hawkers to thrive once more!



Students will be tasked to come up with innovative solutions using MINECRAFT Education to tackle and mitigate the hawkers’ many challenges.

Some of the challenges that hawkers face today are:

  1. Manpower shortages

  2. Cleaning services

  3. Expensive equipment to increase productivity

  4. High delivery costs

  5. Competition from other food and beverages services

  6. Cost of ever-increasing utilities