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Up to 10 students per class


7 - 9 |10 - 12


Synchronous Online Training




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Workshop Overview:

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Hands On

A workshop where children learn through play, 


Go on a virtual adventure with this holiday programme, brought to you with Minecraft: Education Edition! A junior coding workshop designed to teach coding fundamentals and computational thinking skills to children, our instructors will emphasise the acquisition of problem-solving and logical thinking to overcome challenges.


Workshops will begin with teaching the basics of coding and computational thinking to ensure a level playing field between students of different skill levels. 

By the end of this workshop, students will have:

1. Honed problem-solving skills to recognise and break down problems.

2. Learned coding with variables, events and loops.

3. Experienced combining events and creating sequences with conditionals.

4. Understood how to test and design solutions to problems.  

Learning Objectives

Computational Thinking Brainstorming
Computational Thinking Ideation

Computational Thinking Concepts

Coding Idea

Understanding Programming Syntax

Learning Logical Thinking
Learning Design Thinking
Learning Logical Thinking

Design & Logical Thinking

About Education Edition

An educational version of the popular sandbox game, Minecraft: Education Edition empowers students to engage in student-centered and collaborative learning environments. 

We focus on using Minecraft to teach STEM concepts within an extensive workshop framework, where students learn broadly through hands-on and enriching activities. 

Minecraft Class 2020

Basic or Python -
Which one to choose?

The Basic workshop uses simpler and more accessible block-based programming intended to teach coding to beginners. The coding pieces are large and brightly coloured to act as a visual guide for younger children or students who are completely new to coding to minimise frustration and smoothen their learning journey. 

The Python workshop also uses a drag-and-drop coding style that allows students to quickly select pieces of code and arrange it in a code editor. Due to the more complex text-based Python syntax, it is recommended for older children aged 10 - 12 or those who want to sharpen their coding skills and gain familiarity with the Python programming language.

Minecraft Coding Loop Sample.png

Progressive Difficulty

Over the course of this workshop, the programming activities will gradually become more complex and require more steps to solve. The syntax students learn will also become more complicated.

We keep class sizes small and capped at 6 so that our instructor can take the time to individually attend to each student if they have questions or need more time to understand the material.

Coding Activity: Creating a While Loop

Accessible and Fun

When first learning how to code, children may not be used to typing accurately on a keyboard and may find checking their code for syntax errors to be time-consuming and tedious.

Block-based coding allows children to code using a graphical interface, which allows programs to be created easily and intuitively. This minimises frustration and makes the learning curve smoother for beginners. 

Minecraft Coding Event Sample.png

Coding Activity: Creating Walking Function

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