Into the Future:

Growing and Harvesting Crops using Automation

Course Details:

Age : 8++

Level : Basic 

Duration: 9 hours

Software: Minecraft Education Edition

Training Method: Face to Face

Fee: $320 (Inclusive of 1 year Minecraft Education Account) 

Date: 7th - 9th September (3hrs/day)

Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Minecraft: Education Edition empowers students to engage in student-centered, collaborative, and global environments. Through this course, participants will see the various ways that Minecraft lends itself to embedding multiple STEM elements across disciplines. They will also learn about the benefits of automation and how it could happen in the future. During the course, participants will be tasked to code the Agent to improve the efficiency of growing and harvesting crops through automation. They will also investigate on the need for optimizing food production as world population grows.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Minecraft Education and Makecode Platform

  • Learn about Automation and it's applications

  • Solve Real Life Problems through Computational Thinking
    (Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction and Algorithm)

  • Investigate real ways farmers are using automation to increase crop yield

  • Research the world food crisis and talk about contributions you can make

  • Creating Solutions in the Minecraft World using Coding

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