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Matatalab Coding Set Closeup

Computational Thinking with Matatalab

Both parents and children are welcome in this introductory programming and computational thinking workshop! Learn to interpret and decipher code using physical code blocks, and program a little robot to drive around obstacles all without a screen. Recommended for preschool and lower primary children.

Venue: Pending

Duration: 1.5 hours

Schedule: 6 & 19 June (see below for timings)

Course Fee: SG$40


Learn how to relate abstract concepts ( the symbols on the code blocks ) to physical reality ( the robot ).  


Logically sift through data to break them down into smaller, more manageable challenges to solve.


Identify and implement possible solutions, while reflecting on any mistakes or 'bugs' in the code that need to be fixed.

Screen-Free Programming:

This workshop will be conducted using screen-free coding sets, which use colourful code blocks as substitutes for textual code. Not only is this more intuitive and beginner-friendly, especially for younger children, it also helps preserve your child's eyesight and develops their hand-eye coordination skills. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Through this workshop, students will hone their logical thinking skills and learn the fundamentals of programming through fun hands-on activities. They will learn to sequence events, code with loops, and program solutions to movement challenges. 

Watch this video created by the creative students of Skool4Kidz preschool for the Matataworld Robotics Competition to see what kids can do with this coding set!

Children Coding Class with Matatalab
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