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Infocomm Media (ICM) Learning Roadmap for Schools

The ICM Learning Roadmap allows students who are passionate in technology and media to pursue their interest in various functional domain areas such as Application Development, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Robotics & Makers.

We happy to announce EP-Tec Solutions Pte Ltd is the awarded vendor For ICM Learning Roadmap Program 2023 for Primary and Secondary and Code For Fun Secondary 2023. Please be informed that the application is now open and our team is ready to conduct demonstration and discussion regards to your requirements and expectations in deep.

IMDA will provide full funding support for the conduct of training under the ICM Learning Roadmap programme.

Functional Domains

  • Primary (24hrs)

  • Secondary (24hrs)

  • Secondary (24hrs) + Data Analysis (12hrs)

  • Secondary (24hrs)

  • Secondary (24hrs) + Data Analysis (12hrs)

Artificial Intelligence

It’s never too early to start learning about Artificial Intelligence! Especially when rapid advancement in technologies like  autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are at our fingertips.


Once a thing of science fiction, AI is now here to stay! Poised to be heavily relied upon in the near and distant future, AI has made its way into various industries and professions. Whether your passion is to become a Doctor, Teacher, or Firefighter, learning about AI and its practical applications will go a long way towards helping you with your dream job in time to come. ​


Calling all students in Singapore! We have courses to help equip you, the budding talents of our next generation! Let us provided you with a head start and make you AI ready.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things or "IoT" is our current present, as there are billions of devices connected throughout the world via the internet. These devices are collecting and sharing data while we eat, sleep and work.

As these devices relies on different objects and sensors to add a level of digital intelligence, thus enabling them to communicate real-time data without human involvement, this allows us (humans) as the users to become smarter and more responsive, merging digital and physical universes


For more information, Please send enquiry email to

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