HOLIDAY Enrichment Programmes


Spark your children's interests and passion in the computer sciences in their formative years! Our curated curriculum caters to a diverse group of students with various learning abilities. 

OnSITE programmes




Ages 5 and above | 4 lessons (2hrs per session)

Students will be introduced to Lego Wedo, a fun and intuitive way to appreciate and learn the basics of robotics and programming. Every session, students will be issued with detailed instructions for building the robot, a programming guide and mini to guide them. Upon completion of this level, a challenge will be given to the students to assess their level of understanding. 
Lego Mindstorms Robotics.jpeg



Ages 7 and above | 5 lessons (2hrs per session)


This course focuses on training students to program and complete tasks through using a sequential methodology.

This sequential approach is the fundamental core of any programming platform, be it robotics or computer science. In the meantime, students are allowed to explore the functionalities of different sensors, such as Gesture, Light and Ultrasonic sensors.


MakeX Spark

Online Competition training (SG)


Ages 6 - 16 | Pri & Sec 

MakeX Spark is a global robotics competition for preschool, lower primary and secondary students to challenge their creativity, teamwork, problem-solving and presentation skills.

STEM Academy has a long-standing record of training past competition winners. 

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Online Competition


Ages 6 - 16 | Pri & Sec | 1-2 per team | SGD50 per team​

Hawker culture is an integral way of life for Singaporeans. As COVID-19 restrictions have severely impeded their livelihoods, we call upon young helpers to brainstorm ways for our struggling heartland hawkers to thrive once more.

Registration ends 30th September 2021


Online programmes

Continue to sharpen your minds whilst at home with Minecraft:Education — the world largest sandbox game now turned educational.  

By the end of this workshop, students would have:

1. Honed problem-solving skills to recognise and break down problems.

2. Learned coding with variables, events and loops.

3. Experienced combining events and creating sequences with conditionals.

4. Understood how to test and design solutions to problems.


minecraft fundamental 2.jpg




Ages 7-12

A junior coding workshop designed to teach coding fundamentals and computational thinking skills to children, our instructors will emphasise the acquisition of problem-solving and logical thinking to overcome challenges.

minecraft fundamental 1.jpg




Ages 7-12

This workshop teaches students the basics of coding, from algorithms, sequencing, and loops all the way to conditionals, operators, events, variables, and functions. Students begin in an animal research center investigating challenges facing polar bears and gray wolves, and then journey all the way to Venus and Mars, coding along the way.

minecraft levels.jpeg