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Take Flight This June!

Drone Piloting & Programming Workshops

In this series of workshops over the June holidays, learn to program drones using either Swift or Python programming! Students will be given information on drone safety and related regulations in Singapore, and will be given opportunities to show off their flying skills at the end of the workshop. 

Students with no prior experience with programming are encouraged to start with the Basic or Swarming class, which use the more beginner-friendly Swift programming language and interface.



STEM Academy @ T.E.A.M. Student Care,

120 Cantonment Road Singapore, s089760 

Classes Postpon


Programming with Drones Fundamentals

For ages: 10+ 

4-hour workshop / $150

Students will be learning coding using the Swift programming language on IOS. They will apply coding concepts such as sequential and looping concepts to control the flight path of DJI Tello Edu drones


Drones and Python (Introductory)

For ages: 13+

4-hour workshop / $150

Students will learn about Python programming and sending and receiving packets via UDP to communicate with a drone. Using Python, they will program flight patterns and complete challenges.


Drone Fundamentals

(Parent and Child)

For ages: 10+

2-hour workshop / $60

Both parents and children welcome in this introductory 2-hour drone programming workshop. Students will learn about simple coding and how to fly a drone using a virtual controller and Swift code.

The DJI Tello Edu: 

A lightweight consumer drone designed for beginners to drone piloting or programming. It supports many programming languages, most notably Apple Swift and Python. 

DJI Tello Edu drone
Swift Playgrounds app interface

Swift Programming: 

Swift is a text-based programming language used in developing applications for macOS and iOS. The educational app Swift Playgrounds will be used to teach students coding syntax and best practices.

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