Programming Synchronised Drone Swarms with Apple Swift

Students will be learning to connect the drones and controllers to a network and perform stunning actions in a synchronised swarming manner. They will also be learning computational concepts such as arrays and functions. At the end of the workshop, the students will have to create a synchronised performance using multiple drones.


T.E.A.M. Student Care @ Cantonment, 120 Cantonment Road, Singapore, 089760

Duration: 10 hours

Schedule: Dates Pending

Course Fee: SG$300


Students will learn about the principles of aerodynamics and how a drone achieves lift to fly.


Students will learn how to program and control multiple drones through hands-on activities.


Students will learn how to use the Swift programming language to connect drones and to code with sequences and loops.


At the end of the workshop, students will show what they learned by creating a synchronised drone swarm.

Learning Outcomes:

Using the Swift programming language, learn to define variables, create functions and sequence loops to pilot a series of drones. At the end of the workshop, all students will get the opportunity to fly a synchronised swarm of drones using the code they have written.

It is recommended that students have some prior programming experience or knowledge before signing up for this workshop. 

Learning Swift Programming for Drones: 

Students will learn and code using the Swift Playgrounds app, which can be downloaded through macOS or iOS devices. Its autocomplete feature and simple interface make it an ideal first language for beginners to programming.

iPads with Swift Playgrounds installed will be provided to students for the duration of this course..