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Programming Drones with Python

The workshop will cover the fundamental aspects of programming with Python and using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to communicate with the Tello Edu drones. After learning how to connect a device to a network, students will then learn to program basic flight commands with Python.


120 Cantonment Road, Maritime House, s089760

Duration: 10 hours

Schedule: Dates Pending

Course Fee: SG$380


Students will learn about the principles of aerodynamics and how a drone achieves lift to fly.


Students will gain hands-on coding experience with Python, a widely-used text based programming language.


Students will learn how to use Python to connect to networks and send/receive packets to communicate with drones.


At the end of the workshop, students will go through flight and coding challenges to put what they learned into action.

Learning Outcomes:

Using the Python programming language, learn to send and receive packets from a drone via UDP sockets and program simple aerial manoeuvres. Afterwards, students will get the opportunity to show off their skills in a series of flight challenges.

It is highly recommended for students to know the basics of coding and programming syntax before registering for this course. Students are also recommended to be 13 and above.

DJI Tello Edu Drone.png
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