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Programming Drones with Swift (Parent-Child)

This 2-hour workshop introduces beginners to the realm of drone flying and programming with the DJI Tello Edu drone. Learn how to use the Tello app to pilot the drone and then delve into basic text-based coding with the Swift programming language.

For this parent-child bonding workshop, only 1 parent may accompany 1 child. Students' ages may be 10 and up.


120 Cantonment Road, Maritime House, s089760

Duration: hours

Course Fee: SG$60


Students will learn about the principles of aerodynamics and how a drone achieves lift to fly.


Students will gain hands-on coding experience with Swift, a text based programming language used to develop iOS apps.


Students will learn the basics of using drag-and-drop and text-based coding to pilot the drone using the Tello app. 


At the end of the workshop, students will go through flight challenges to put what they learned into action.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn about drone safety laws in Singapore, the principles of aerodynamics and the basics of coding, with some time given for them to experiment with flight and coding tricks.

No prior experience is needed for this course. 

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