Event Date: August 26, 2020
Timing: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Venue: Online via Microsoft Teams

What is Digital STEM Day?
It’s a 2020 initiative by EP Education to share our findings and insights on STEM education. We believe as educators, successful case studies should be shared among the community and value-add to students’ learning. We hope our effort can reduce the time spent in reinventing the wheels and focus on improvising the approaches among the educators. With your support, we aim to anchor this as a monthly gathering for educators and act as a sharing platform for the community. 

Discussion topics:
1.    How can STEM be integrated in school and classroom?
2.    What is Maker-Centered Learning?
3.    How can we empower students to shape their STEM learning?


Content and Hardware Demo

1.    Boson Science Kit 
2.    Qdee Robotic
​s Kit


 ▫️  Qdee is a robot that integrates ideas, movements, sensors, IoT and building into 1 robotic kit that is powered by micro:bit.

 ▫️  Come join us for a hands-on experience on the product and see how easy and fast it can be to connect the sensors, inputs and outputs together to form a new creation through playful learning.

banner2 (1).jpg

BOSON Inventor Kit is a set of modularized electronic building blocks that can be used code-free or with micro:bit or Arduino.

This set enables the students to learn about input, output, and functions even logic gates in a simplier application.


Main skills that students can acheive:
 ▫️  Creativity
 ▫️  Deisgn Thinking skills
 ▫️  Problem Solving Skills
 ▫️  Coding (Optional)


Come join us on the experinetial journey as you explore and create new prototypes through the design thinking processes and see the potential of the BOSON kit.