Holiday Programming Courses


This holiday courses are designed for children who want to learn about computer programming.

  • Targeted for kids ages 6 through 16 but it can be used for anyone wanting to learn computer programming.
  • Designed for kids to follow but they may require some parental assistance if any issues are encountered.
  • Recommended for parents who want to teach the fundamentals of visual programming to their children.
Programming with DJI Tello using Scratch

Drone Series

Course Fee: $99    $180

Programming with mBot using Scratch

Robotic Series

Course Fee: $99    $180

Programming with Codey Rocky using Scratch

Robotic Series

Course Fee: $99    $180

Programming with Ozobot

Robotic Series

Course Fee: $99    $180

Traffic Lights Control System using Microbit

STEM+ Enrichment Series

Course Fee: $79    $180

Fun with Construction using Makey Makey

Maker Series

Course Fee: $99    $180

What our students says about us?

At first, I thought that the programming is very difficult for my children to pick up. However, after attending the Microbit training class with my kid, I realized that block programming is quite easy and does not require any prior knowledge about coding. He is really having fun during the class especially when he have created the spin art project through coding of microbit.

~Parent of Clarence Lye

I am excited about how a makey makey can do so much. During the class, I have made a piano using the play doh and makey makey using simple SCRATCH Programming.



~Lawerence Tan

The ozobot workshop helps to create a bonding session between me and my child. We draw the colour code on the A4 paper and Ozobot’s sensors are able to  detect the colours (red, green, blue, black) and react accordingly. Besides this, my kid learn about the basic programming of ozobot using Ozoblocky.

~Parent of Jun Yang