July 2020 Holiday Programme

Coding: Animation and AI (Basic)

For ages: 6+

Students will be learning Scratch to create simple animations and games. They will apply computational thinking concepts such as sequential and looping concepts. 

Coding: Minecraft (Intermediate)

For ages: 7+

Participants will see the various ways that Minecraft lends itself to embedding multiple STEM elements across disciplines. Participants will be using code to create fantastic monuments and add smart automation in their minecraft world.

Robotics: Codey Rocky + AI (Basic)

For ages: 6+

Students will learn to apply computational thinking concepts such as If Else, parallelism and Events to their robot. They will also learn to use the colour, distance, light and  sensor to help the robot make decisions.

Robotics: mBot + AI (Intermediate)

For ages: 8+

At the end of the programme, students will be designing a smart rubbish bin with AI capability such as image recognition, speech control and machine learning.

Maker: Lego Wedo (Basic)

For ages: 6+

Students will be introduced to the Lego Wedo. It provides a fun and intuitive way to appreciate and learn robotics as well as programming.

Maker: Boson + Micro:bit (Intermediate)

For ages: 7+

Students will be introduced to Micro:bit and Boson expansion kit. Boson Kit is a set of coding-free electronic building blocks for young inventors and tinkerers.

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