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Code for Fun Programme

About Code for Fun

The Code for Fun Enrichment Programme, jointly offered by IMDA and MOE, is open for application for all MOE primary and secondary schools. Complementing existing computational literacy and applied learning programs, this 10 hour programme includes academic learning of coding-related concepts using visual-based or ext-based programming languages and microcontrollers.

The Code for Fun Enrichment Programme aims to:

  • Facilitate the exposure of a large base of students to coding and computational thinking.

  • Reinforce students' understanding of computational thinking and design prototyping concepts through practical application and project work. 

  • Help build an entire generation of workforce inculcated with basic coding and computational thinking skills. 


The IMDA and MOE will fully fund the training cost of one lower secondary school cohort per year. Only one Secondary 1 or Secondary 2 student cohort will be eligible for the programme in a year. 


Any required supporting microcontrollers and accessories will be fully funded by the relevant organisations, subject to terms and conditions.

Our Course:

This 10-hour computational thinking workshop involves the application of computational thinking and electronic sensors to develop prototype/solution based on problem-based learning.

Through block-based coding, student will be learning how processes can be automated through the use of microcontrollers and circuitry sensors to capture readings and automate system flows.

Students will be creating mini projects from how their microcontroller can automatically detect their environment, finetune the brightness of their screens and how knob-type switches can be used to control appliances, create data logs and sending secret messages through radio functions.

In the process, students will also be acquiring knowledge on design thinking as they plan and try out the mini projects.


  • All MOE Government and Government-aided schools are eligible to apply. 

  • Schools must register the entire cohort of Sec 1 or Sec 2 students. 

  • The same cohort of students will not be supported across 2 years (e.g. 2021 Sec 1 block-based, 2022 Sec 2 text-based). 

  • The number of microcontroller kits supported is dependent on the number of classes in the cohort. 

Code for Fun Grant Eligibility Table

About the Boson Starter Kit:

A set of modular building blocks used to teach children about STEM and electronics, the Boson Starter Kit comes with a handcrafted selection of modules that cover the most commonly used sensors. Programs made using the Boson Kit will allow for sound, light and motion interaction. The modules interface with the Micro:bit processor through a 3-0pin interface and are compatible with Microsoft MakeCode's online code editors.

The Boson Starter Kit for Micro:bit will be used to teach students about block-based and text-based coding, using the Microsoft MakeBlock and the Python programming languages. 

Code for Fun Boson Kit Modules
Code for Fun Boson Kit with Micro:Bit

About Qdee:

Also powered by Micro:bit, the Qdee bot is a programmable STEAM education kit equipped with a variety of modules and electronic brackets. Supporting the Python programming language, the Qdee Starter Kit can be constructed into two different robotic forms and supports voice, light and motion detection. 

During the programme, Qdee and Micro:bit will be used to teach students about the Python programming language.

Code for Fun Qdee Starter Kit Disassembl

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the sharing ratio of device to students? 
A. Taking into consideration COVID-19 and Safe Management Measures, the student to kit ratio is 1:1. Each student will       have the opportunity to learn hands-on with his or her individual robot.

Q. Can I make a separate class for students who are keen on attending this programme? 

A. No. Students must be in an officially assigned class prior to the commencement of the programme. Formation of new        classes for the Code for Fun Programme is not allowed. Students must remain in their assigned class for the duration of      the 10hr programme.

Q. Will training material be provided for the robotic kits and microcontroller? 

A. Yes. A 10-hour lesson plan, powerpoint slides and an activity booklet will be provided. 

Q. How is the process of application? 

A. Interested schools will first select their preferred course and contact the corresponding training partner from this list to confirm their availability on the school's training dates and timings. Once timings have been agreed upon, the school must submit an application form online at Forms.SG during the application period from 11 January 2021 to 26 March 2021

IMDA and MOE will review the application and, if accepted, provide a notice to the school. Schools can only commence training after the written approval notice from the authorities has been received. 

Code for Fun Programme Qdee Starter Kit
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